Microsoft Teams is generally available


Microsoft Teams is generally available to concur with well-known products like Slack and HipChat.

I’ve had a chance to test it a bit and here is what I like so far

  • Office 365 Integration — we are using Office 365 in our company, so we don’t need to care about managing one more set of users of building any type of integration with 3rd party systems as here it works out of the box
  • You could add an unlimited number of integrations with 3rd party services like JIRA, Visual Studio Team Services, etc
  • Meetings — there is a separate screen to check upcoming meetings and create a new one on the same page, so you don’t even need to open Outlook app
  • Files — SharePoint and OneDrive integration with an option to view documents in the app
  • There are no any search limitations comparing to Slack where you could search only latest 10,000 messages on a free plan
  • You could use a power of both SharePoint and OneDrive to store as many files as you want.

We’ve tried to use HipChat first and now we are using Slack but I think it’s a right time to give a try to Microsoft Teams and it looks really interesting and promising but not sure if it will be good enough in a real life.


Microsoft Teams rolls out to Office 365 customers worldwide

Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams – Admin Help


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