3 reasons we have switched from Slack to Microsoft Teams


Back in 2017, Microsoft announced their strategy to make Microsoft Teams be a single platform for communications as part of Office 365 suite. I’ve tried using Teams since Beta release, but it was too early at least for us to use it in real life and Slack was much better, so we’ve decided not to make any migrations there.

Recently, I was rechecking Teams, and we decided to make a migration from Slack, and I’ll share my top 3 reasons why

  1. We are using Office 365, so we don’t need to pay extra for Teams licenses, and that’s why we are getting some benefits comparing to free Slack plan
    • Unlimited access to old messages
    • An infinite number of integrations with 3rd party services
    • Guest users support
    • Group calls
  2. Single user directory which is an Azure AD, so we don’t need to manage users in multiple places
  3. An easy way to build a knowledge base in the scope of a team and I’m talking about both Files and Wiki here which is possible due to tight SharePoint integration

For the last couple years, we were using Skype, HipChat (RIP), Slack and now it’s Microsoft Teams. For now, Teams seems to be the most comfortable product for us, and I like to see the progress Product Group is making to make it even better. Feel free to review Office 365 Roadmap.

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