Product Review – Kernel Migrator for SharePoint

SharePoint is a great content management system, especially for large enterprises. It can be used to store documents, sheets, sites, and other essential data. But users often need to migrate their SharePoint data either to a newer version or to SharePoint Online cloud, which is not that simple.

I faced a similar scenario when I needed to upgrade from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016. Trust me, the process is not that simple as it looks. First of all, the manual process is too complicated, and the outcome will be not be as good as one would expect. That’s why I preferred to move to third-party software – Kernel Migrator for SharePoint.

The Microsoft Graph Toolkit is now generally available!

The Microsoft Graph Toolkit is a collection of web components powered by the Microsoft Graph.

Components are functional and work automatically with the Microsoft Graph

Components work with any web framework and on all modern browsers. IE 11 is also supported

Here is a quick jsfiddle


Microsoft Graph Toolkit Documentation

Microsoft Graph Toolkit GitHub Repo

Check out the SharePoint Starter Kit

This is a solution designed for SharePoint Online which provides numerous web parts, extensions, and other components which you can use as an example and inspiration for your own customizations.

SharePoint Communication Sites have great out-of-the-box capabilities, but the out-of-the-box capabilities may not always be sufficient for your scenarios. This is exactly why you are able to include your own customizations. This solution addresses common scenarios and tasks you may encounter when introducing those customizations, and provides examples and guidance on how you might address them including:

  • Automated provisioning of simple demo content within a communication site
  • Automated provisioning of the whole solution to any tenant within minutes
  • Automated configuration of Site Scripts and Site Designs at the tenant level using the PnP Remote Provisioning engine
  • Implementation of different customizations for SharePoint Online
  • Usage of Office UI Fabric and reusable PnP SPFx controls within the customizations


SharePoint Starter Kit on GitHub

SharePoint Migration Tool v2 is not able to run under Administrator

I was writing about this tool before here and just experience the issue where I’ve realized it doesn’t work under Admin account and looks like there is no way to fix that. So, in my case, the tool wasn’t able to create logs folders because of this issue and I was able to do that using a separate box where another user account wasn’t limited by UAC.

Note: this issue was verified for version and could be fixed later but there is no any guarantee on that.


Улучшенный отчет об ошибках в PSConfig


PSConfig используется при установке или обновлении SharePoint. Иногда в процессе запуска возникают ошибки, и приходилось искать логи, после чего анализировать их вручную чтобы понять, что же там произошло.

Microsoft решили упросить жизнь администраторам и добавили следующие улучшения

  • сообщение об ошибке показывается непосредственно в окне PSConfig
  • добавили 2 иконки
    • для открытия лога PCSDiagnostics
    • для копирования сообщения об ошибке
  • отображается команда для завершения обновления с учетом того шага, на котором случилась проблема

Функциональность доступна в SharePoint 2016 с накопительным обновлением выпущенным в августе 2016. В SharePoint 2013 улучшение появилось после выпуска накопительного обновления выпущенного в декабре 2016.

Перенос документов из файловой системы в SharePoint с помощью LepideMigrator for Documents


* Компания Lepide Software попросила сделать обзор их продукта LepideMigrator for Documents для читателей моего блога.

Часто при внедрении возникает задача переноса файлов из файлового хранилища в SharePoint. Это можно делать как вручную, так и автоматизировано. Конечно, нам интересен второй способ.

Рассмотрим процесс переноса документов из файловой системы в SharePoint на примере LepideMigrator for Documents.

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